Prom Photoshoot in Studio

Prom Photoshoot in Studio

Prom Photoshoot in Studio
Per Hour

Step into our studio for a prom photoshoot experience that lets your personality shine. At Clifton Dozier Photography, we offer a creative and comfortable environment where you can strike a pose and capture the essence of your prom style.

Service Details:

  • Duration: Flexible sessions tailored to your needs
  • Cost: Customized pricing based on session length and package options

What's Included:

  • Personalized Session: Enjoy a tailored photoshoot with various backgrounds and lighting setups to complement your prom attire.
  • Professional Guidance: Clifton will guide you through poses and expressions to ensure you look your best.
  • High-Resolution Images: Receive a collection of beautifully edited photos that highlight your unique style.
  • Print Options: Choose from a variety of print packages to display your favorite shots, from classic prints to modern photo books.

Whether you're looking to document your prom night in vibrant detail or want a studio session that captures your style, Clifton Dozier Photography offers the perfect solutions to make your memories last a lifetime.

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